The 7 Steps to Negotiating PPO Fees

Have you wondered how to successfully negotiate fees with insurance companies? Participants will learn about "leasing arrangements" PPO's have with each other and how that could impact fees for dental offices in both a positive and negative manner. While negotiations in every industry are different, this course will teach basic negotiating skills that are specific to dealing with dental insurance companies. Participants will leave this course having a better understanding of how insurance companies determine reimbursement rates and how they (the participants) can negotiate better reimbursement terms from most dental plans.

The 7 Steps to Negotiating PPO Fees

Negotiating techniques vary depending on what setting you are in. However, there are simple negotiating techniques that do apply to most negotiating settings. For PPO negotiations, it’s not as simple as “just asking for a fee increase.” Negotiations in this setting are about how to ask and what to ask for.

During this course we open with covering a few negotiating techniques that are applicable to PPO negotiations by drawing from negotiating examples within the legal and professional sports field. This negotiating overview is key in understanding the mindset that you should have prior to negotiating on your own as well as understanding the negotiating techniques employed by those with whom you are negotiating with. This part of the course sets the framework for the specific 7 steps in negotiating PPO fees.

Once the basics of negotiations, as it pertains to dental insurance, is covered, we dive right into the 7 negotiating steps, starting with your preparation work. As with dental procedures, good preparation goes a long way in providing long lasting quality dentistry. The same is true for negotiations. Preparation is no different than laying the foundation and framework for your negotiations as most items in your preparation work will set you up for optimum negotiating outcomes.

During these 7 negotiating steps we cover specifics regarding leverage, who to talk to at the insurance plan, what form of communication should you use, how to effectively “counter-offer”, how to properly accept a negotiated contract, how to enforce under paid claims, and how to set your sight for future negotiations. With each of these topics are detailed guidelines and protocols that if followed, will ensure for successful negotiations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn negotiating techniques that are applicable in most negotiating settings
  • Understand specific negotiating techniques as it pertains to dealing with the dental PPO world
  • Learn a proven step by step process on how to increase/negotiate your own PPO fees
  • Persistence can often be more important than leverage when negotiating PPO fees
  • Understanding the cycle of negotiations and went to renegotiate

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Nationally Recognized (AGD-PACE) Academy of General Dentistry Program approval for Continuing Education

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Billing & Treatment Coordinators
Front Desk
Office Managers
Team Leaders & Regional Managers

Self Study:

Access to recording and any resources for 1 year

What Dental Zing students say

I really enjoyed the course. It was everything as promised, and more!

Kelvin Black, DDS

I definitely recommend taking a course. Once you start, you won’t want to stop. I’m learning so much!!!

Zasha Swan, Office Manager

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