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Discover the business insights and educational tools that power the world's most successful dental practices. Virtual dental continuing education for every member of the practice, direct from industry experts, at the click of a button!

Elevated Dental Education

Learn proven ways to improve office performance and foster growth.


Train new staff on best practices for success.


Increase your knowledge as a practice owner.


On Demand Dental CE Courses

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Meet Our Dental CE Educators

Penny Reed, BBA
Roy Shelburne, DDS
Lois Banta
Charles Blair, DDS​

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What Dental Zing students say

I really enjoyed the course. It was everything as promised, and more!
Kelvin Black, DDS
I definitely recommend taking a course. Once you start, you won’t want to stop. I’m learning so much!!!
Zasha Swan, Office Manager

On Demand Dental CE Courses

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On Demand Dental CE Courses

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